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Autumn Harvest

Autumn Harvest

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This is an amber colored honey with a vibrant, orange hue.  It is our last harvest of the season and it has a deep, rich complex flavor with peppery notes.  It is composed largely of Brazilian Pepper, Saw Palmetto, Florida Mahogany, Willow, Red Maple, Gumbo Limbo, and Mexican Clover. 


Fall.  The time year we all anxiously await, especially if we’ve endured the hot summer heat down in Florida.  Well, the honey bees look forward to this time of year as well.  The first cold fronts and shortening days mark another transition period for our girls (honey bees).  The Fall season is very important to our honey bees.  This is the time of year they really start collecting nectar (to be converted to honey) in preparation for the upcoming Winter.  We are very fortunate, that our area provides lots and lots of food for them.  The honey bees will rely exclusively on the local fauna to provide them with their Winter sustenance.  Trees such as of Brazilian Pepper, Saw Palmetto’s, Florida Mahogany’s, Willows, Red Maples, Gumbo Limbos are a several as well as local plants like Goldenrod and Mexican Clover.  The honey we are blessed with has a beautiful orange-like color that has a rich complex flavor that finishes with mild peppery notes.  This is our last honey of the season and excellent for all the Fall recipes, teas and cocktails that use honey…


Honey Profile

Flowers blooms: September to October

Honey collected: November through January

Source Location: Naples, FL (Portu Family Farms and Ohana Stand)


Food Pairings, Drink and Cocktail combinations

Ideal Food Pairings: baking, all kind of sauces and everyday use.

Honey Soy Salmon -

Honey Nut Granola -


Ideal Drinks: Tea

Ginger Honey Tea -!


Ideal Cocktail:

Honey Bear Cocktail -