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Coastline Citrus

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This is a light, golden colored honey with a slightly auburn hue. It has a distinct sweet and clean flavor with beautiful citrus notes.  It is composed largely of blooming citrus such as Navel orange, Ruby Red grapefruit, Hamlin Orange, Honey Tangerine, Valencia Orange, Sunburst Mandarin, Meyer Lemon, and Mexican Clover. 

 It’s hard not to fall in love the alluring soft, clean scent of citrus flowers in late Spring.  This is what we encounter when arriving at the farm during this time of year.  I find myself just simply taking in long deep breaths of the wonderful fragrant cool air.  We are so very fortunate that our farm is adjacent to boutique citrus farm that produces over a dozen types of citrus fruits.  The bounty is heavenly as it provides one of the most sought after honeys in the world, Orange Bloom Honey.  We actually think our Coastline Citrus honey is better because of all the varietals contained within it providing us with a more balanced and diverse flavor.  This honey will bring a joyous smile to anyone who is fortunate enough to taste it.


Honey Profile

Taste: Distinct sweet and clean flavor with beautiful citrus notes.

Flowers blooms: February to May

Honey collected: June

Source Location: Naples, FL (Portu Family Farms and Ohana Strand)


Food Pairings, Drink and Cocktail combinations

Ideal Food Pairings: Tarts, fruit salads, dressings, cheeses and everyday enjoyment.

Orange Blossom Honey Cake with Fresh Blueberries -


Ideal Drinks: Citrus Honey Lemonade, Chai Tea, Earl Grey

Honey & Orange Sweet Tea-


Ideal Cocktail: Margarita

Golden Honey Margarita -