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Summer Reserve

Summer Reserve

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This is an extra light colored honey that is mild tasting.  It is our lightest colored honey.  The bees gather the nectar from a variety of palms on Marco Island (Coconut, Cabbage, Royal, Date, etc.) as well as Black Olive, Black Mangrove, Buttonwood, Sea Grape, Royal Poinciana trees. 

 Summertime in Florida simply means one thing… hot, hot, hot.  Everything slows down in the sweltering heat of the dog days of summer.  We however, do not stop working for you nor do our wonderful honey bees.  This is a transitional time of year for our glorious honey bees.  Most of the tropical fruits trees are done fruiting and we get lots and lots rain.  Fortunately, this is the time of year our local native trees begin to flourish such as Palms (Coconut, Cabbage, Royal, Date to name a few), Black Olives, Black Mangroves, Buttonwoods, Sea Grapes. Royal Poinciana trees and many other warm weather bee friendly plants.  This seasonal honey tends to be very light in color and has a sweet mild, delicate flavor.  We limit our production as we want to make sure our bees have plenty of food during the long summer days, as a result, we call this honey Summer Reserve.  The honey is very good, but we make sure our girls (honey bees) they come first.  Any extra honey they bless us with, we provide to you in the form of our Summer Reserve honey.  Enjoy this limited production honey.


Honey Profile

Flowers blooms: May to August

Honey collected: September

Source Location: Marco Island, FL (Various sites)


Food Pairings, Drink and Cocktail combinations

Ideal Food Pairings: fruit salads, dressings (vinaigrettes) and everyday use. 

Honey-Balsamic Vinaigrette -


Ideal drinks: Smoothies

Banana Smoothie -


Ideal Cocktail:

Bee's Knees Cocktail -